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03/31/09 10:59 AM #18    

Jennifer Selling (Montagna)

Sure Joseph. Would you like to take the lead in planning a Saturday afternoon event? When the Reunion Committee last met, we voted and decided against the picnic because many thought most of our classmates would not be able to give up their entire weekend--Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night--to the reunion. But there were some that were in favor of having some kind of activity Saturday afternoon for those that want something to do. We talked about someone organizing something at the last minute--maybe even just having people meet somewhere for lunch. Some of us will not have time to be in charge of the organization of a Saturday afternoon event because we will need to take care of things for the evening event. So if someone who wants a Saturday afternoon event is willing to take the lead and organize it, that would be great.

03/31/09 04:13 PM #19    

Joseph Fant

Thanks for the request. But I will have to decline it, because of my lack of current knowledge of OKC. Any way you can ask Amy to set up a survey to decide what to do at this time. Forward all emails for information asking for volunteers and input. This may be the time to do it.

04/10/09 01:58 AM #20    

Lisa Breiding (Parker)

If anyone would like to stay at the Renaissance I can help.
Lisa Breiding Parker

04/10/09 02:19 AM #21    

Lisa Breiding (Parker)

Thank you to all of the committee members and fellow classmates for your time and dedication that you have shared over the years.

Lisa Breiding Parker

04/14/09 11:14 AM #22    

Jennifer Selling (Montagna)

One possible activity for those that are looking for something to do Saturday afternoon is go to the Oklahoma City Redhawks game at the Bricktown Ballpark. The schedule says they have a game Saturday 7/11 at 1:05 pm (as well as at 7:05 pm).

04/27/09 04:58 AM #23    

Lloyd Walkup

how do we get signed up for the 20 yr reunion?

04/27/09 06:31 PM #24    

Joseph Fant

As along as we have your email address, we will keep you posted. Mark the dates on your calendar. Other than that you can come to

04/28/09 12:08 AM #25    

Nwc 1989 Reunion Committee

On-line registration is available now! Please go to the link on the upper left hand side.

05/07/09 10:38 PM #26    

Kathy Milnes (Wingo)

I know of at least 2 people that do not have computers or email addys. How do the register and get information?

05/18/09 11:21 AM #27    

Nwc 1989 Reunion Committee

Hopefully everyone knows someone that has a computer they can use to register, or they can have a friend register for them. If not, they can register as follows: Send letter with their name, address, telephone number, name(s) of people attending, credit card number, name as it appears on the credit card, expiration date, and signature approval for the charge of the necessary amount ($50 or $95 if they register by May 25) by fax to 1-888-226-8351.

05/26/09 02:37 PM #28    

Nwc 1989 Reunion Committee

Hello Everyone, we're in the process of getting postcards sent to the printer today and will be mailing to any classmates who have not updated their classmate profiles on our reunion site. Please help spread the word and help us get people registered. We do have to have a minimum number to hold the event and we haven't reached it yet. And if you haven't registered yet, please do so ASAP.

In order to promote the reunion venues on the postcard, we closed the voting for the Friday night venue. Baker Street was the winner and they have agreed to reserve a section for us Friday night on one of their patios.

We're going to have a great time!

06/09/09 01:02 PM #29    

Kathy Milnes (Wingo)

How many more people do we need to have? I think alot of people are waiting til they know for sure we are going to have a reunion.LOL

06/09/09 04:21 PM #30    

Nwc 1989 Reunion Committee

We are definitely having the reunion. But we need about 30 more couples or 61 people exactly, to cover our contractual obligations. If you haven't registered yet, please do so and encourage everyone you can to do the same. Prices are going up on Friday.

06/17/09 10:30 PM #31    

Amy Renteria (Newman)

Okay, all the senior pics are posted. Finally!

06/19/09 07:10 PM #32    

William 'Bill' Draper

Hey all found the site, looks great. Hope I can make it would be great to see you all.

07/02/09 06:02 PM #33    

Zoe Shavers

Anyone going to the Friday evening get together?

07/07/09 03:51 PM #34    

Nwc 1989 Reunion Committee

Yes! There are now about 50 people that have registered for the Friday event. We expect more than that because some people did not register and other classes are attending.

07/09/09 10:47 AM #35    

Jason Johnson

Good News! Jennifer Montagna said that we can all meet at her house for the Saturday afternoon event. I will post her address at a later date, Thanks, Jen.

07/09/09 02:59 PM #36    

Jennifer Selling (Montagna)

Your welcome! It was the least I could do after you offered to buy everyone's first round on Saturday night. Can't wait!

07/12/09 10:23 PM #37    

Jason Johnson

Thank you to everyone on the committee! Everything was planned and organized well, a good time was had by all!

07/13/09 10:27 AM #38    

Karri Fields (Wright)

I had a wonderful time at the reunion. Everything turned out great. It was wonderful to see everyone. The reunion committee did a great job.

07/13/09 12:52 PM #39    

Teleshia Lee (Taylor)

Thank you to the Reunion Committee for making our 20 year Reunion a success...looking forward to the next one!

07/14/09 11:32 PM #40    

Joseph Fant

Thank you all for a job well done. Let us keep this website for life. Facebook is also a wonderful tool, but it can ruin the simplicity of it.

Let everyone not on the site know about this. We can communicate better with this. The more people we have, the better our chances of having reunions every 5 years instead of 10.

Finally, when it comes to scheduling events, please do all you can to save time and money. I plan to come back to OKC every 5 years. And save enough money to spend more than enough.

07/16/09 04:14 PM #41    

Christy Hinkle (Pettigrew)

Hey, the 20 yr. was way more fun than the 10 yr.! Of course, it could have been because I wasn't 9 months pregnant this time! Great to see everyone. We all still look so good after all these years too!

07/29/09 11:01 AM #42    

Caroletta Blevins (Johnson)

Thank you to every one on the Reunion Committe! I had a blast!! Thank you Eric for the free drinks. That was soo sweet of you to think of us like that since you could not be there. We had a great turn out.. I have to agree with Christy we all still looks sooo great!

See you at the big 30!!!!

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