Awards Survey

Please complete the following survey.  Winners will be announced at the reunion event at Rocky's! 

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1)   How close do you live to Northwest Classen?

2)   How far do you have to travel for our reunion?

3)   What is your occupation?

4)   How many times have you been married?

5)   How long have you been married to your current spouse?

6)   How much younger or older is your spouse than you?

7)   How many kids do you have?

8)   How many grandkids do you have?

9)   What is your highest level of education?

10)   How many body piercings/tattoos do you have? (We won't ask for proof!)

11)   How many cities have you lived in, excluding OKC?

12)   Nominate one person (or yourself) who you think is the most "full of crap"!

13)   List one life lesson learned since high school.